Contribute to Business Sustainability

In 2021 alone, we produced approximately 100,223 ESG sustainability data through the day-to-day provision of industries’ testing, assessment, and certification services. For instance, inter alias, our testing division certifies the food quality fit for human consumption and tests the wastewater pollutants before sewage discharge, the workers’ health risk assessment on workplace’s chemical exposure. The certification audits to conform to ISO 22000, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 manifest that LMS COMPLIANCE PTE LTD is often at the forefront of instilling business sustainability, enabling sustainability data for firms’ ESG decision-making. Our provision for testing, assessment, and certification produces the industries’ sustainability data has depicted in the table below based on the number of data in the respective conformity activities:

ESG Data 1 12,363 87,834 26
Scope Environment Society Governance
Provision of testing services Water: Wastewater, River Water, Seawater, Sludge, and Schedule Waste Characteristic.

Air: ISO kinetic stack sampling, Chimney discharge monitoring, and Ambient Air sampling.

Noise: Boundary and area.

Chemical: Safety Data Sheet, REACH, and ROSH.
Food Chain: Food, Feed, Fertilizer, Edible oil, Palm oil, Drinking water, distilled water, and mineral water

Pharmaceutical product: Cosmetic, Traditional herbs, pharmaceutical drug

Medical devices: Facemask and glove

Healthcare: Blood, saliva, and urine

Household hygiene: Detergent, hand sanitiser
Provision of assessment services Environmental Impact Assessment and Wastewater characteristic study Environment: Chemical Health Risk Assessment, Local exhaust ventilation, Chemical exposure, Noise exposure,Audiometry, and medical surveillance

Hygeine: Swab, air monitoring, and disinfection
Provision of certification services ISO14001 Environmental Management System ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Mgmt System

ISO 27001 Information Security Mgmt System

ISO 26000 Social Compliance Guideline

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System HACCP / GMP
ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Mgmt System

ISO 37000 Corporate Governance Guideline

ISO 9001 Quality Mgmt System

Note 1: An ESG data can represent more than one testing, sampling, monitoring, and audit activity, and it may consist of more than
one occrurence that shall be interpreted as a whole.