Self-Declared Environmental Claims (Type II)

ISO 14021: Claims on "Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Energy Efficiency"

ISO 14021: Claims on "Eco-Friendly, Compostable, Energy Efficiency"

What are Self-Declared Environmental Claims?

A Self-Declared Environmental Claim (Type II) refers to a specific environmental claim by a company about its product or service. These claims are typically based on self-assessment or self-testing with optional third-party verification. Type II environmental claims are part of a classification system developed based on the ISO 14021 standard.

Why does the company pursue type II claims?

Companies may make Self-Declared Environmental Claims (Type II) for various reasons, primarily to communicate positive environmental attributes about their products or services to consumers. Here are some reasons a company might opt for Type II environmental claims. First, for Marketing purposes, Environmental consciousness and sustainability have become essential factors in consumers' purchasing decisions. Making Type II environmental claims allows companies to differentiate their products or services from competitors by highlighting eco-friendly features and potentially increasing sales. Second, for Competitive Advantage, Companies that genuinely prioritize sustainability and make verifiable efforts to improve their environmental footprint can gain a competitive advantage by showcasing their initiatives through Type II claims. Third, for educational reasons, Type II claims can also serve as educational tools. By sharing information about their products' environmental aspects, companies can help raise consumer awareness about sustainability issues and encourage responsible consumption.

How to Develop Self-Declaration Environmental Claims?

Making Type II claims can be very comprehensive according to ISO14021. Here are some areas of concern to develop a type II claim, including but not limited to defining a claim, gathering data, adopting reliable methodology, avoiding greenwashing, disclosing limitations, legal compliance, and providing additional information to support the claim.

What do MyCO2 offer?

To enhance transparency and confidence, we offer indep endent verification and assurance services on all type II environmental claims.